Pad Na Jou Hart

On a quiet day on our beautiful farm Lumarie, a dream blossomed – a dream of crafting moments, weaving love stories into the fabric of a perfect day.

Inspired by the joy of union, I envisioned a serene haven where vows echo, laughter dances, and love finds its stage. This dream of starting a wedding venue emerged from the tapestry of my passion for celebration and the belief that every couple deserves a magical space to begin their forever.

The Venue

A unique venue was designed and developed. The venue’s sides are covered with old road signs as a vision that love is a journey that can take you anywhere, you must just enjoy the ride together! (Thats why the name “Pad na jou Hart”). The venue has a rustic, but yet modern feeling to it. With the most spectacular view of the majestic Ankole cattle roaming around, ensuring you the best and most unique wedding photos you can imagine!


The venue is situated very close to Zebula Golf Estate, Mabula Lodge and also Mabalingwe, ensuring your guest a magical Bushveld breakaway weekend.

Zebula Golf Estate

Mabula Game Lodge


Recent Weddings

The first wedding was held on the 2nd of December 2023, and it was the wedding of the onwer. Photos of wedding and venue will be shared in due course.

Contact Us

For more information, or to organise a venue viewing, please get in touch with us. or 082 379 8776